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When’s the right time to engage with a professional

indoxploit, February 1, 2019

As your marketing endeavors get underway and business continues to grow you’ll likely hit a crossroad where it’s time to bring on more help. As great as you might be at certain aspects of marketing there’s likely some parts you’re better at than others.

I really value the idea of specializing, you can’t be the best copywriter, media buyer, designer and creative simultaneously, nor do you want to be.

Your skills might be better in bringing on new business or managing projects or even creating the next big idea.
But if you’re operating on a small team or even alone, you’re well aware that you only have 24 hours in the day.

Despite the likelihood of giving up sleep and working late into the night, there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything. A major issue I see quite often is small businesses holding out too long before hiring professional help. You might only need occasional help from a designer, a copywriter, or even a web programmer. Seeking outside help is like most business investments, timing is everything.

If you dive in too soon or wait too long things aren’t always going to turn out in your favor. So let’s talk about the best times to bring on a professional.

First, anytime you’re creating a marketing piece that has an extremely long shelf life, a logo, a website or maybe your opening sales copy. Now I’m not suggesting you don’t have the skills or the time or even the willingness to learn but if you’ve got a thousand other things going on, this is a great place to invest in professional assistance.

The cost will be higher but you’re also going to have a piece that is re-used for a very long time, which helps justify the expense. Next, anytime you put significant dollars behind a marketing investment. If you’re going to spend a large amount on a campaign and you’re feeling hesitant about your abilities, it’s almost always worth the added insurance to bring in a competent and qualified specialist. It might be an AdWord certified professional, a social media consultant or even a PR agency.
Finally, anytime the opportunity cost is too great. What I mean by this is if you can be spending your time more wisely doing the things that increase your bottom line, it’s time to bring in help. It might be a short term hit to your bottom line but as soon as you have the free time to pick up a ball in another court and move it forward, the better.

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